Monday, January 08, 2007

London, Hackney - Waste Prevention Campaign

The waste prevention campaign for Hackney in East London was launched in November 2006. There has been so many things going on that I have hardly had time to update this blog. We promoting various things to reduce rubbish and dependency on landfill and incinerator as these two are seen as the last approach to deal with rubbish.

The booklet is available to all residents, but so far around 8,000 booklets have been distributed through the campaign. This highlights Shop SMART, Food waste, Reusable bags, Stop junk mail, Real nappies, Home composting, Furniture reuse, Freecycle and Give or take. See an example of the booklet in jpg format, there are 20 pages in total. I will add how this was implemented and exact figures later on.

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