Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Europe - compilation of waste prevention practices on DVD

In the 1960s, the amount of municipal waste generated was close to 200 kg per capita per year. It now exceeds 500 kg. This exponential growth of (almost) all types of waste goes with a progressive exhaustion of resources, already inequitably shared and used among the world inhabitants. Faced with this situation, many local authorities have reacted by setting up action plans or pilot programmes aiming to stop this trend.

Eco-design, dematerialisation, reuse, repair, fight against food wastage, partnership with the retail sector, social marketing..., the initiatives taken in order to raise the awareness of households and enterprises are varied and, most often, source of knowledge and stimulation at the level of the European Union as a whole. Europe, a breeding-ground for good practices in the field of waste prevention is a double DVD which offers you to discover, by video, an original compilation of these good practices in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Austria. This European tour offers you new insight into the state-of-the-art of waste prevention and into what can be done in view to reducing waste. It is a new tool to capitalise good practices and to support the work of every elected representative or technician who is already involved in a similar approach, or is willing to implement, at the level of a borough or a county council, a waste management strategy that successfully integrates innovative and proven ingredients in other European countries. This DVD is one of the deliverables of the REDUCE project An innovative transnational strategy for minimising waste in North-Western Europe, which receives financial support from the European Interreg IIIB programme.

For further information on project's progress, visit the website www.reduce.be The DVD is available in English and French for the price of 20 Euros. To obtain a copy, contact: Espace Environnement, tel: or outbind://55/info@espace-environnement.be

Additional informationThe "REDUCE" project initiates a large 4-year-campaign dedicated to the reduction of household waste, on both sides of the Channel. Based on Wallonia's experience in this field, this project is developing, indeed, a balanced, sustainable co-operation between the English, French and Belgian partners on waste prevention:

the NGO Espace Environnement (chef de file - B)
the County Council ICDI (B)
the Greater Dunkirk Urban District Council (F)
Recycle Western Riverside (UK)

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