Friday, January 12, 2007

London, Hackney - Give or Take 5

Clearing out for the New Year? Do you have unwanted presents from Christmas? Have a pile of bits and bobs you don’t need but are too good to throw away? Why not bring along your unwanted items to the Give or Take day!

Hackney Council’s recycling team is holding the first Give or Take day of 2007 on Saturday 27 January, at Rushmore Primary School, Elderfield Road, E5 OLE.

Give or Take days have proved to be a great success, they offer residents the chance to give unwanted items like toys, furniture, clothes, bikes, tools, books and kitchenware, and take something that they might need. Previous Give or Take days have diverted as much as one tonne of donated materials from entering the waste stream; it’s a great way to reuse in Hackney.

Everything is free, no money is exchanged!

Too many items are thrown away each year, especially around the New Year period. Think about what can be reused before you throw it away, Give or Take days are a great way to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced in Hackney. Last year we reused around 3.5 tonnes of goods. For any questions or reports feel free to email me at

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