Tuesday, February 12, 2008

UK - Milk bag uses 75% less plastic than bottles

Today's Evening Standard reports that the notion has spread to the UK, where supermarket Waitrose will expand sales Calon Wen's organic milk in Eco Paks (they started a trial last summer) that reduce packaging by 75% . Lloyd noted that his milk bags aren't recyclable -- the high-density polyethylene jugs they replace are -- and it is unclear if the Eco Paks will go to the recycler or the landfill.

For those who think milk in bags would be tough to handle, read The Steps to the Usage of the Milk Bag for tips on getting the milk from the bag to your glass or bowl of cereal; hit the jump for a useful video from our pals at Hippyshopper on the same subject. Seems that the bag of milk is gaining popularity; what are your experiences (if any) with the milk bag? ::Calon Wen Eco Pak via ::Evening Standard

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