Wednesday, February 06, 2008

UK - M&S and Oxfam Clothes Exchange

Donate an item of M&S-labelled clothing to Oxfam, and get £5 off your next M&S purchase of £35 or more*. Give your clothes a second life and help end poverty with Oxfam.

How it works?
When you bring a bag of donated clothes containing at least one item of M&S clothing to any of Oxfam’s 750 high street shops in the UK and 40 shops in Ireland, you’ll get a voucher for £5 (or €7 in Ireland) off your next purchase of £35 (or €50) or more of clothing, homeware or beauty products in M&S. Vouchers are valid during the calendar month in which they are received.

What's in it for you?
Well, the £5 voucher will do for starters. But this offer is about more than money.

Get a great feeling from recycling clothes you no longer need to raise funds to help people living in poverty. Reduce waste. 1 million tonnes of clothing is discarded every year in the UK alone, a lot of which is of good enough quality to be re-sold or recycled.
Rest assured that we extract the maximum value possible from every single piece of donated clothing.

Oxfam is the only major charity with its own textile sorting facility. So even if we can’t resell your item in the shop you donate it to, the chances are we can reuse it in another way to raise cash.

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