Friday, May 04, 2007

UK - Food Waste National Campaign

An estimated 6.7 million tonnes of household food waste is produced each year in the UK, about half of which could have been eaten. Most of this waste ends up in landfill.

WRAP is committed to working with our stakeholders and partners to reduce consumer food waste by 100,000 tonnes by March 2008. One of the ways we will achieve this is through the development of a new consumer-facing food waste campaign. In parallel, we are working with retailers and manufacturers, through the Courtauld Commitment, to develop new approaches to help consumers get the most out of their food. This will include both communication and technical solutions.

Details will appear on WRAPs site as proposals develop. In the meantime, WRAP’s research has identified some tips for consumers on how they can avoid wasting food.

Interesting fact: Their recent research suggests that households throw away between £250 and £400 of potentially edible food each year.

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