Thursday, January 12, 2006

Waste Implementation Programme: Waste Minimisation

The U.K. Government set out its vision for sustainable waste management in Waste Strategy 2000, the national waste strategy. They are also committed to reducing the amount of biodegradable municipal waste landfilled, in accordance with European Directives.

The Waste Implementation Programme responds to measures recommended by the Strategy Unit report "Waste Not, Want Not" on local authority support; R&D; and waste minimisation, awareness and kerbside collection.

The Waste Minimisation programme began in 2003 and will work to stem the growth of household waste, as a vital part of the package of measures needed to enable the UK to meet the requirements of the Landfill Directive and move towards sustainable waste management

Their objective aims to support the UK’s objectives by achieving household waste reduction equivalent to deflecting the annual rate of waste increase from 3% to 2% by fiscal end 2006

A major retailers initiative, seeking to work with the top five supermarket chains - both challenging them and supporting them to play their part in the key objective set for reduction of growth of household waste. These are the three key programmes:

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International waste minimisation initiatives - Defra commissioned Enviros Consulting to look at the waste minimisation initiatives in other countries. Enviros published its report International waste prevention and reduction practice in October 2004. Please note that although this report was produced for Defra, it is only for information and does not reflect Government policy. N.B. The copyright in this report belongs to Enviros Consulting Ltd.

International waste prevention and reduction practice: final report (358 KB)

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