Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mr Paper - Reuse scrap paper in the office

I started a Mr Paper scheme within the office. Reuse scrap paper and print less.

Follow these points:

*First of all make sure what you printing is really necessary, don’t just print to make yourself feel better, remember this is a resource that comes from trees, in our case recycled paper.
*If you DO print, check out some simple printing steps:

o Double sided: Print double sided if you have got a large document. (Ask me if you don’t know how to)
o For small number of pages

* Reduce the font
* Delete spaces so that there isn’t a single sentence on just one page
* “2 sheets per paper”: Go to “Print” check the Zoom section, click sheets per paper and choose “2 sheets per paper”
* Keep sheets with a blank side and put it in the Scrap Paper tray next to the printer
* The printer should have scrap paper as default. If you need to print in plain paper, load it yourself, remember to take any left plain paper out of the tray when you finish.

It is vital staff know about it, so if they dont know go one by one and show them what you mean by the above instructions


Mr Paper was first launched in April 2005. It took several weeks for the office to get used to the scheme. Once everyone was aware the team has saved an estimated minimum of 1 ream of 500 sheets a month = 4,500 sheets in 9 months, therefore saving around £115.


Plain Paper: 25 reams (13,000 sheets)
Scrap paper: 9 ream* (4,500 sh.)
Money Saved: ~£115
Money Spent: ~£315
Total paper used: 34 reams (17,500 sh)
Total money saved: 35%

*Minimum one ream a month
Our paper is sometimes used for the photocopier as well


* Scrap paper amounts to a quarter of current printing/copying practices. Mr paper believes scrap paper amounts to at least half of our current printing within the recycling team. Most of the plain paper goes to the copy machine used by others in the same floor
* We have saved £115 in 9 months
* The green champion rescues scrap paper from the internal recycling bins when emptying them for the weekly collection. Needs more scrap paper to come from the officers
* Envirowise stated that the average office worker consumes 3 reams (1,500 sheets) a month. We use around 4 reams per month between 6 staff
* Fax machine: This can not be loaded with scrap paper as for unknown reasons it keeps jamming. Unwanted fax prints are still deposited in the scrap tray. Try anyway first

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