Thursday, December 22, 2005

Welcome to the first blog about rubbish!

The aim of this blog is to collect knowledge of waste prevention ideas from any stakeholders dealing with rubbish. We only have limited resources in the world so lets use them wisely. The British government finally raised the issue with their Waste Not Want Not, 2000. Link to follow. I work for a local council in London. I will keep updating this blog with ideas and success stories that raise from my work experience.

To be honest I haven´t looked around whether there are blogs on recycling and prevention. Waste prevention is according to the many central governments the first step in their waste hierarchy.

Lets simplify this,

by REDUCE I mean: Cut down on the rubbish we produce in the first place

by REUSE: a no brainer, reuse anything you can, eg; refill something or reuse a glass container. If you can´t give it any use then pass it on to someone else. eg: textile banks across the UK collects them for charity shops or even to sell them at reduce prizes in the 3rd world.

by RECYCLE: This is what everyone thinks is the best step to take when dealing with rubbish. Avoid this step if you can do the above ones first.

Difficult? I say no

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