Thursday, December 22, 2005

Unwanted books

After an event a while ago, I found out that books are one of the most unwanted goods that residents dont want. They perceive them as valuable, perhaps because there is potential knowledge or entertaintment that others can benefit from. Many use charity shops to get rid off some, others prefer to go to ebay or amazon markets place to sell them for newer editions. However, there are many old books with no monetary value that others can happily accept. This a reuse message. This website offers readers an oppurtinity to swap books within the UK.

It is a free website for book readers. It is also a great story about reuse (the 2nd step after reduction and before recycling). If the book is damaged and you think it has not real value then it is probably best to recycle it, but make sure the hardcover is made of paper or cardboard. Also make sure your council does actually collect cardboard.

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