Tuesday, June 22, 2010

UK, Business: Apetito's boosts business efficiency

WRAP undertook a waste prevention review at apetito (one of Europe's leading suppliers of frozen foods) as part of a series of on-site visits to selected members of the Food and Drink Federation. The review identified several efficiency savings that could be made. Read about how the company made use of anaerobic digestion and reusable packaging to reduce waste going to landfill, and cut carbon emissions.

Anaerobic Digestion
In 2007, an analysis of resource use and waste generated at apetito identified that opportunities existed to do more with food waste which was, at that stage, going to landfill. After WRAP undertook a waste prevention review at apetito's Trowbridge headquarters, it initiated a partnership between apetito and NISP to help solve the problem. An AD plant in Devon was located that could offer a commercially viable solution. The company is now diverting all of its food waste to AD.

Reusable Packaging

apetito had previously used single-trip cardboard packaging to deliver goods to its hospital and care home clients. However, both the company and its customers were keen to look at the use of reusable crates. Operationally, the new crates have proved to have no negative impact on filling, packing and fitting the multi-portion food trays. And product protection and storage capacity has also improved, thereby reducing product damage.

Whole report here: http://bit.ly/9uDSly

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