Thursday, August 14, 2008

USA- Bagging the Bottles

In an innovative, viral campaign called “Message in a Bag,” non-profit Tappening is selling bags made from 100% recycled plastic to raise public awareness about the impact of drinking bottled water over tap. Tappening originally planned to ship 1,000,000 plastic bottles to the CEO of Coca Cola to send a powerful message, but they decided against this strategy for carbon-friendly reasons. According to Take Back the Tap, the American bottled water industry burns over 17 million barrels of oil each year. What’s more, over 80% of plastic bottles wind up in landfills.

Tappening's blue reusable totes sell for $49.95, with 100% of proceeds going to “the fight against bottled water.” On each bag is inscribed: "Made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials: yesterday's discarded bottles and yogurt containers." So even if you don't wear your heart on your sleeve, you can still wear your politics on your shoulder!

From Ecofabulous

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None said...

In my opinion Tappening is nothing more then a greenwashing PR firm...

Jennifer said...

We have GOT to get more people to recycle. Remember the commercial back in the 70’s with the Native American Indian crying over the mess people make? That was a strong message. Here is a less depressing, kind of cool way to get the recycling message to people. Check it out: