Monday, March 03, 2008

USA - Reusable Envelopes approved by USPS

Reusing envelopes is almost impossible when they come stamped, marked, sealed and addressed. But this week, ecoenvelopes received the first ever approval from the USPS for their gainful little invention - an envelope that's engineered to be sent two times as opposed to once (not the most original of ideas, think Netflix, but we won't knock an eco-wise, effective product when we see one). Eliminating the need for reply envelopes is an eco feat all of its own, but these bearers of news are also constructed from post consumer waste material and paper from sustainably managed forests. We're still biding our time for the perpetually reusuable envelope to be developed, but in the meantime, let's send the right message in an ecoenvelope.

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ron said...

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