Tuesday, September 18, 2007

USA- Bring Your Own: Reusable Bags, Cups & More


40,337,604,793 plastic bags have been consumed this year as I start writing this post, and 2007 is not even a full month old yet. At over 1 million bags per minute, using and chucking disposable cups and plastic bags can add up to nearly 700 pieces of plastic a year per person -- yikes! Bring Your Own urges you to consider this fact and take a few quick 'n easy steps to reduce the flood of plastic into the waste stream. At the top of the list: bring your own reusable bag for shopping. The idea was the big winner in our New Year's Resolution poll, so we know people are thinking about it, but it doesn't stop there; coffee cups are a big contributor to disposable waste as well, as a result of the scene above, which goes about like it looks: we buy, enjoy the contents and discard paper coffee cups with plastic lids in about the time it takes five million more plastic bags to get tossed (about five minutes). So check out Bring Your Own to learn more about reducing waste, avoiding disposables for everyday things, and kicking some serious plASStic. Now that this post is about to be published, the running total is up to 40,349,570,901 plastic bags that have been consumed this year. What are you going to do about it? ::Bring Your Own via ::Green Girls Global

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