Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Canada - Compost action due to waste collection strike

We are into the end of the first week of the garbage strike in Vancouver and instead of the standard photo of smelly garbage mounting up and rats breeding, we have...people composting! It's a fact; all of the big hardware stores in town have almost sold out of composters. Amidst warnings that the strike could go on for weeks, City officials are encouraging residents to step up their recycling efforts and people seem to be getting the message. Since about half of household garbage is organic material, much of it can be composted in a backyard composter. For those in apartment buildings, of which there are many in Vancouver, things could be a bit more difficult. However condominium dwellers are being urged to get into the habit of rinsing out recycleable tins and jars as a start.

Tips issued by the City for ways to reduce garbage during the strike are an environmentalist's dream: separating wet garbage, crushing cans,adding grass clippings to the compost, letting grass grow longer, and put fruit and vegetable waste in the compost. Whilst no one wants to see a long and destructive strike, necessity is the mother of invention and this labour dispute may inspire more people to think about garbage and take some small steps towards reducing it on a long term basis

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