Wednesday, March 28, 2007

London - Hackney's Shop SMART campaign

Say yes to cotton bags at the counter and help reduce plastic bag waste!

Plastic carrier bags have become an inevitable part of the high street shopping experience. A staggering 150,000,000 plastic bags are used in the UK every week, and each one takes around 100 years to rot away!

Hackney Council’s recycling team are on a mission to wipe out plastic bag waste in Hackney. The recycling team has visited shops around Hackney and distributed a supply of cotton bags, for the shop keepers to hand out at the counter with purchases. When residents shop at these stores, they will be offered a free cotton bag instead of a plastic carrier bag.

The cotton bags have some handy ‘shop smart’ hints printed on them, to remind residents to reduce the amount of waste produce whilst shopping.

Once you have your cotton bag, you can do your bit to make London cleaner and greener by:
• Using your shopping bag over and over again
• Remembering to take the cotton bag with you every time you go shopping. The cotton bags fold up well inside a handbag!
• Let the check out staff know you’ve brought your own before they pack for you!

See the list of shops taking part in this scheme below, and why not pop in to your local participating store and get your cotton bag today!

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