Monday, July 31, 2006

Japan - burger chain abolishes plastic takeout bags

Japanese Mos Food Services, Inc., owner of the Japanese Mos Burger chain, has announced it will stop using plastic takeout bags and introduce transparent corn-based takeout drink cups at all stores in July.

Japan for Sustainability reports that this is the first major fast-food restaurant chain in Japan to introduce biodegradable drink cups at all its stores. Mos Burger expects that the use of such containers will reduce around 130 tons a year of consumption of plastic raw materials, and abandoning plastic bags will reduce oil consumption by around 352 kiloliters (about 1,760 barrels) a year, estimated from the company's use of plastic products in 2005.

Meanwhile, the company has introduced paper takeout bags and reviewed its use of package materials. The new paper bags are made of unbleached paper and cost more than plastic bags, but the company plans to offset the rise in cost by efforts to reduce the number of bags and other packaging used.

Mos Burger also started selling the "Mos My Bag," a new original cotton bag, to encourage customers to use their own takeout bags rather than paper bags. The bag is sold for 700 yen (about US$6) including tax. The company plans to continue shifting to renewable materials from petroleum-based products for its packaging and containers.

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